Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside of the US?

Unfortunately, not at this time, due to export regulations on food products.


Do you have vegan options?

Yes! We try and tailor to as many special diets as possible. We offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and paleo options. Send us a note at with any suggestions based off of your dietary needs and we will take it into consideration for future meals!


Are your backcountry meals organic? 

We strive to use organic and locally grown and organic ingredients whenever possible, but are not certified organic at this time. 


Don't I need loads of carbs when in the backcountry?

First, we are NOT doctors nor nutritionists.  You'll want to consult one of them for your specific macro-nutrient needs.  We can only speak to our own experience, that being that "carb-loading" often isn't sustainable or effective, especially for people who have a medical or dietary reason to follow a low-to-moderate carb diet -- like people with Type 1 diabetes. 

When you carb-load, you are dumping loads of glucose into your blood stream, which in a healthy person causes an immediate insulin release from your pancreas, which tends to cause a person to feel tired and sluggish. If that glucose is quickly metabolized, there isn't any long-term advantage. Same thing goes for backcountry meals.  Hikers and runners need carbohydrates to live, but you can get an ample amount of them naturally from fruits and veggies.  When we're hiking, we are often also snacking throughout the day -- and getting carbs along the way.  When it's mealtime, we aren't looking for a "carb bomb" of a meal, an insulin dump, and the requisite energy sap.  The goal of our meals is sustained energy! 


What about common allergens? 

We are thoughtful and cognizant about the ingredients we put in each meal we create.  However, our facility handles soy, milk, tree nuts, and wheat.


What is the shelf life your meals? 

Sugar Summit Backcountry meals are freshest if consumed within 1 year of packaging.


Do you use preservatives? 

We do not use artificial preservatives.  We use dehydration, freeze drying, salt and spices to ensure a long shelf life and to preserve flavor.


Do you have a line of bars? 

We're always working on something.